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25 March 2019

Best Performance Award: Third Edition Kicks Off

The award for companies who are able to generate economic, technological, human and environmental value is back. The SDA Bocconi School of Management team, in collaboration with J.P. Morgan Private Bank, Pwc, Gruppo24Ore and Refinitiv will select the winners, recognizing the responsible and sustainable development of Italian companies.

The Best Performance Award is an annual award created with an agreement between the SDA Bocconi School of Management, J.P. Morgan Private Bank, PwC, Gruppo 24Ore and Refinitiv, and which aims to honor Italian companies who have shown excellence in creating economic, technological, human and environmental value.

“This Award is increasingly focused on tackling the challenges of our best companies, who can benefit from a brand that is increasingly a guaranty of excellence like the BPA,” commented Leonardo Etro, scientific director of the project along with Maurizio Dallocchio. He said that “belonging to the Club constitutes that cultural exchange between academia and the corporate world that is the foundation of the SDA Bocconi School of Management and its partners. As in the past and even more so today, they see the solution to issues such as climate change, diversity and innovation through increasingly sharing best practices.”

Sustainable development and business continuity
A prerequisite is excellence in sustainable development, as understood in its widest-ranging meaning, i.e. knowing how to do business by ensuring business continuity in full compliance with three key factors: Green & Social (environmental and human dimension), Innovation & Technology (innovation) and Value Added (economic management).

Who can participate
Italian companies with sales revenue between €25mln and €5bln can participate. To ensure fairness of comparison, companies will be divided into three categories based on size: Small (€25-50mln), Medium (€51-250mln) and Medium-Large (€251mln- €5bln).

The 5 awards
One award each will be presented in the three categories. There are also two more awards: the first – the Best Performer of the Year – is for the absolute best company, regardless of size; while the second will be given to the company that showed excellence in the hot topic 2019: Managerial Excellence, a key factor for the generational change found in several of our large and small firms.

The Best Performance Club
The companies selected during the three editions will be members of the Best Performance Club. This platform of services, events and information is offered exclusively to companies who have passed the SDA Bocconi team’s assessment phase.

To find out more
Watch the video and browse the dedicated section of the SDA Bocconi School of Management website.