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07 November 2019

Paolo: bright thinker, courageous racer

“We will remember Paolo, the warrior not only in business, but also on the go-kart race track”. Even if his race stopped, the MBA Class 40 remembers his Alumnus establishing the Paolo Pozzoli Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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A bit about Paolo

Paolo lives on within us. Paolo was undoubtedly a bright thinker and very dedicated to his work and passions in life.  Born and raised in Milan, he graduated with a degree in Physics and Finance, and subsequently worked at Deloitte. He was an integral part of our MBA family and unfortunately left us all too soon. After our MBA, he pursued a career in mergers and acquisitions at TeamSystem in Italy.


Remembering our friend

We will remember Paolo’s loving friendship and his unique, almost shy, warm smile.  We will remember his excitement of plunging in the “MBA experience'' and his commitment to spending time and making memories with all of us.  We will remember his relentlessness, with which he embraced his situation, despite the harshest of circumstances. We will also remember Paolo the warrior, who flourished in competition not only in business, but also on the go-kart race track. 

When Paolo joined our class, he had already knew of his diagnosis; however, most of us did not even suspect the truth. When he later told us about his condition, we were shocked. “Don’t worry. It is under control” – he said reassuringly. On the go-kart track, Paolo drove with full speed, firmly holding the wheel even in the sharpest curve and he was equally calm and collected in life. He was one of the most courageous people that we had the pleasure of knowing.


What we will do

SDA Bocconi and the MBA Class 40 are committed to keeping the loving memories and legacy of Paolo Pozzoli alive. We proudly announce the establishment of the Paolo Pozzoli Memorial Scholarship Fund to support a future candidate of SDA Bocconi’s MBA Program.  

As part of the MBA family or as a person close to Paolo, you can support this initiative with a donation through this link.

Paolo, we will miss you forever.